Dragaera Digest, Vol 2, Issue 22

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RE: Dragaera Digest, Vol 2, Issue 22

>Anyone with sufficient training (Grita, for instance) can cast spells 
>amorphia directly. That's Elder Sorcery.

Well, that's one *type* of Elder Sorcery.

>When Vlad unleashes the amorphia out of desperation in _Jhereg_, he has 
>to start with. I don't have the book handy, but I recall that he 
>the sorceress he's "hitting" as "collapsing" into a ball of raw chaos
>(amorphia). Whether he converted her matter into amorhphia or created bit 
>amorphia inside of her that subsequently consumed her could be up for

Either way, there's no amorphia present, then boom, there is amorphia 
present. This is the e'Kieron ability.

>The event in _Issola_ was an example of Vlad creating a Chaos Stone from 
>existing source of amorphia and then releasing it at a later time. It 
>involve creating it from nothing.

Well, sort of. It is implied by Vlad's description of using the stone that 
he was just using it to make the process easier... "Like the rendered 
goosefat becomes a base for the pepper-sauce" (or some similiar simile, 
I'm paraphrasing here).

To me, this says that not just any Elder Sorcerer could de-stabalize a 
chaos stone like this, that it ties in with his e'Kieron soul abilities. 
That's just my opinion, granted. However, Vlad seems to *think* that his 
heritage matters, and he's apparently studied the subject (at least 
marginally) so he may well be of the correct opinion in this case.

The other case of Amorphia being created "out of nowhere" that I can 
recall is Aliera melting down the wall of Vlad's jail in /Phoenix/.