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Mon Jan 23 15:27:09 PST 2006

Yeah, but get enough witches and you can do anything.
I wonder if you had enough witches you could get something from There to
That would be interesting, because if you got a few thousand witches you
could do the equivalent of teleporting an invading army into the Furnace.

On 1/23/06, Scott Schultz <scott at cjhunter.com> wrote:
> > I was doing my daily nerding (browsing City of
> > Heroes/Villains forusm) and
> > came to my email and realized something:
> Hmmm, I wonder if it's time to resurrect the idea of The Phoenix Guard
> supergroup...
> > Easterns have different, odd powers. In fact, witchcraft
> > could be assumed to
> > be reality altering, and thus while more difficult to get
> > results ultimately
> > more powerful than sorcery.
> Witchcraft is different from sorcery on two counts. The first is that
> witchcraft is self-powered while sorcery depends upon an external power
> source. The second is that witchcraft is a "craft" while sorcery is a
> "science".
> Sorcery is all about cause and effect. You do A + B + C to get result D.
> Witchcraft is all about effect. That is, (looking at how Vlad does things)
> you decide upon an effect and then you just sort of figure out what sorts
> of
> activities will bring that effect into being. How you get that effect is a
> fairly personal thing and is not neccesarily constant from witch to witch.
> I'd imagine that a book of witchcraft is more like a book of advice than a
> book of precedures.
> It's no accident that Vlad and Morollan sound like a pair of chefs
> comparing
> recipes when Vlad catches Morollan practicing an unspecified witch spell
> in
> _Yendi_.
> To the extent that witchcraft is free-form and goal-focused instead of
> process-focused, it IS more powerful than sorcery. The flip side is that
> witchcraft consumes your personal "energy" and imposes a lassitude of both
> body and mind in direct proportion to the size of the effect. It's no big
> deal for a sorceror to move many tons of things from Here to There all day
> long. Vlad, however, nearly killed himself by attempting to bring
> something
> from There to Here. The flip-side being that there doesn't yet exist any
> sorcery that could duplicate that effect (that we've heard of).
> So, witchcraft is "more powerful" but the effects are so limited in scope
> in
> comparison to the "gross" (in the sense of "large") effects of sorcery
> that
> sorcery effectively trumps witchcraft in most ways that matter to the
> average person.