Witchcraft vs Sorcery, who wins?

Jon_Lincicum at stream.com Jon_Lincicum at stream.com
Wed Jan 25 07:06:15 PST 2006

>Yeah, but get enough witches and you can do anything.
>I wonder if you had enough witches you could get something from There to 
>That would be interesting, because if you got a few thousand witches you
>could do the equivalent of teleporting an invading army into the Furnace.

That's really the biggest thing that stands out to me about the advantage 
witchcraft has over sorcery.

A sorcerer has to be extremely powerful in order to channel and contain 
the amorphia that forms a spell without having it destroy them. A witch 
has the same kind of problem if they run themselves out of pyschic energy.

When you put two sorcerers together, their abilities can operate 
simultaneously, but are entirely separate. So it's an arithmatic function. 
4 sorcerers + 4 sorcerers = 8 sorcerers.

But when you put two witches together, their abilities interact and 
enhance each other, meaning it's more like they are multiplied... 4 
witches x 4 witches = 16 witches.

With low numbers like one or two witches, this doesn't make much of a 
difference, 2+2=4 and 2x2=4 also, so this is a wash.

But the larger the numbers are in your groups of sorcerers vs witches, the 
more of an advantage the witches would have.

In addition, there seem to be extra bonuses for the witches when they form 
a circle of 34... And when the number of circles reach specific points. 
(17 and 34 maybe?)

So, with 289 witches vs 289 sorcerers, the sorcerers are really only as 
powerful as their strongest member. Whereas the witches power just keeps 
growing with their numbers. 

What could they do with such power? Teleport an invading army into the 
furnace? Sure. But why think small?