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Tue Jan 24 21:32:49 PST 2006

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> My appologies for this off topic post...
> In the old web log I remember Stave posting a blog that discussed
> how happy he was with some on-line poker web site he ws using.

The only bit in his log that looks even vaguely like being "happy"
with an online poker reference is this, posted Tue Jun 15th, 2004 8:36

"I've also been playing online poker some, at UltimateBet,
and doing pretty well. "

UltimateBet is indeed an online poker site, I see, but I feel no
personal inclination to examine it more closely.  Caveat Aleator.

Much better, in terms of Steve Brust writing about poker, is this:

(posted Sat Jun 8th, 2002 12:06 AM)


Well, I now have most of the outline for my new poker book:

Chapter 1. How to slowplay until you're beat and then check
Chapter 2. Drawing dead and getting there.
Chapter 3. How to bluff the nuts into the guy who has them.
Chapter 4. How to prevent bad beats by always going in with
the worst hand.
Chapter 5. How to put your opponent on a hand you can beat
so you can call.
Chapter 6. Chasing with overcards and other loss leaders.
Chapter 7: Bad call justifications:
   A) I was in the blind, so I was already half in.
   B) They were suited
   C) My good hands are getting beat, so I have to play this
   D) In a game like this, you can't win playing just the
good cards.

Appendix: Lecturing your opponents on how you would have won
if they'd played right.