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Maybe I should email him a draft of my "Any 2 Cards Can Win"..

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> > My appologies for this off topic post... 
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> > In the old web log I remember Stave posting a blog that discussed 
> > how happy he was with some on-line poker web site he ws using. 
> The only bit in his log that looks even vaguely like being "happy" 
> with an online poker reference is this, posted Tue Jun 15th, 2004 8:36 
> AM: 
> "I've also been playing online poker some, at UltimateBet, 
> and doing pretty well. " 
> UltimateBet is indeed an online poker site, I see, but I feel no 
> personal inclination to examine it more closely. Caveat Aleator. 
> Much better, in terms of Steve Brust writing about poker, is this: 
> (posted Sat Jun 8th, 2002 12:06 AM) 
> [cite] 
> Well, I now have most of the outline for my new poker book: 
> Chapter 1. How to slowplay until you're beat and then check 
> raise. 
> Chapter 2. Drawing dead and getting there. 
> Chapter 3. How to bluff the nuts into the guy who has them. 
> Chapter 4. How to prevent bad beats by always going in with 
> the worst hand. 
> Chapter 5. How to put your opponent on a hand you can beat 
> so you can call. 
> Chapter 6. Chasing with overcards and other loss leaders. 
> Chapter 7: Bad call justifications: 
> A) I was in the blind, so I was already half in. 
> B) They were suited 
> C) My good hands are getting beat, so I have to play this 
> stuff. 
> D) In a game like this, you can't win playing just the 
> good cards. 
> Appendix: Lecturing your opponents on how you would have won 
> if they'd played right. 
> [/cite] 
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