the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* knowabout Kragar?)

Thu Jan 26 02:49:12 PST 2006

> Unless the e'Kieron forebears only bred with their brothers and sisters,
> it seems unlikely that the e'Kieron line would be the only ones with the
> genes, if you assume several generations between Kieron and lab.  That's
> why I think that if Kieron wasn't lab-bred, or at least second
> generation, it kinda throws a spanner into the idea that the revolt of
> the servants of the Jenoine was because they succeeded in getting one
> raw amorphia producing Dragaeran.  Dragaeran crossbreeds exist, so
> what's stopping a bit of hanky-panky between House members, and thus
> more lines that have the ability?
> OTOH, even several generations after Kieron, that line is supposedly
> still the only one where it shows up.  Fathers are the only ones that
> can pass it to their offspring, maybe?  (Is the e'blank based on fathers
> - anyone know of any textevd?)  Shrug - I think I still like being
> Watsonian, and assuming that the little throwaway comment about blondes
> being unheard of in the House of the Dragon except in the e'Kieron line
> suggests that there is something hiding in the background of Kieron that
> isn't pure Dragon.   Easterner or Phoenix then becomes a possibility.

The other lines of Dragon don't have it, possibly because the genes needed
to make it work are so familiar with e'Kierons that once you have them you
are an e'Kieron.
However, this is funky with stuff like Baritt and Lanya. Perhaps since
they're basing their lineage off Lanya, and certain genes of his/hers, then
some may have it and some may not.