the honing of Vlad

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Re: the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* know about 

>Question - what if it wasn't Vlad's 'soul' that let him create raw
>Chaos, but the fact that he's an Easterner rather than a Dragaeran?  And
>Chaos is something the Phoenix have doings with, if you look at the
>history of Zerika I. 

This seems quite unlikely, since:

a) It means everything we've been told about chaos and the ability to 
control it is incorrect (or at least woefully incomplete).
b) It doesn't explain how Aliera is able to use Elder Sorcery
c) It doesn't explain why no other Easterners besides Vlad have ever been 
seen to use Elder Sorcery
d) You'd think that if all Easterners could use Elder Sorcery, the Empire 
and the Orb wouldn't present much of a threat to the East.