the honing of Vlad

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Re: the honing of Vlad

>I was always confused about how Aliera can create amorphia, but
>Morrolan can't.  They're cousins.  According to Morrolan in Talsos, he
>is the eldest son of Aliera's father's youngest sister.  So that means
>that Adron could create amorphia and passed it on to Aliera, but
>Adron's sister either didn't have the trait or didn't pass it on to
>Morrolan.  That makes it a recessive trait?  Does that mean that it's
>only survived this long through inbreeding?  I don't get it.

That was my basic point. We don't know that Adron *could* create amorphia. 
We never see him do so, and Aliera never says he could, either.

Aliera could have gotten her Amorphia creation ability the same way Vlad 
did, tho, since her soul is a reincarnation of Keiron's other brother.

Or maybe she inherited the ability from her mother?