the honing of Vlad

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Fri Jan 27 10:02:59 PST 2006

Joy Jennifer Nicholson wrote:

>I was always confused about how Aliera can create amorphia, but
>Morrolan can't.  They're cousins.  According to Morrolan in Talsos, he
>is the eldest son of Aliera's father's youngest sister.  So that means
>that Adron could create amorphia and passed it on to Aliera, but
>Adron's sister either didn't have the trait or didn't pass it on to
>Morrolan.  That makes it a recessive trait?  Does that mean that it's
>only survived this long through inbreeding?  I don't get it.
This characteristic isn't biologically genetic.   It appears to be 
associated with souls, so that when someone has this characteristic, his 
reincarnated should has it.

I've always been puzzled by people who believe in reincarnation - if I 
can't remember my past, and if whomever has my soul in the future can't 
remember my present - what's the difference between that and being three 
different people?   With this in mind, I look at characters we have met 
in the Halls.   I haven't seen that they are multiple people - from 
their various life times.    Has Steve mentioned what reincarnation 
means in his world?

Speaking of Steve - when he doesn't post on his weblog for a while, does 
that mean he's busy working?