the honing of Vlad

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Re: the honing of Vlad

>--- Jon_Lincicum at stream.com wrote:
>> Aliera could have gotten her Amorphia creation ability the same way 
>> did, tho, since her soul is a reincarnation of Keiron's other brother.
>> Or maybe she inherited the ability from her mother?
>As I recall, when Vlad asks Aliera how she got the ability, she STARTS
>with the bloodline/genes, and then adds something about spending 50 or 
>years or so working on the talent. It's not automatic. The bloodline,
>according to Aliera, is necessary but not sufficient.

Hmm... I wonder if Vlad being an Easterner is why he didn't seem to need 
any training to pull this off the first time?

Granted, it was an out-of-control spell, and would have destroyed him (and 
many others) if Aliera hadn't been there to save the day, but just the 
fact that he succeeded on his first attempt seems unusual, given this 

Or maybe it was the fact that Dolivar used Elder Sorcery (perhaps this is 
why he was kicked out of the Dragon House?) and Vlad was somehow tapping 
into his latent memories? 

>And that, I think, is enough to explain why Morrolan (as far as we've
>seen) doesn't have it. He's interested in Elder Sorcery, sure, but he's
>been working on (obsessed with!) other things as well.

We don't really know what kinds of mischief Morrolan gets into in his free 
time. (Which is pretty much always, come to think of it.) He may be 
filling massive storage rooms in Castle Black full of chaos stones or 
something. What was he doing during the events of /Teckla/ for example? I 
think he gets mentioned once in that book.