the honing of Vlad

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Mon Jan 30 13:08:24 PST 2006

On 1/25/06, Philip Hart <philiph at slac.stanford.edu> wrote:
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> > > Interview #3 (Male Jhereg):
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> > > I think it was that Dragonlord with the blonde hair that did it.
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> > It occurrs to me that this is the explanation that is most likely to
> > propagate.  After all, which is more likely - that Aliera e'Kieron;
> [...]
> > has been messing about with amorphia -- or that some random Easterner
> > has spontaneously gained the ability to mess about with amorphia?
> One might ask why Aliera needed to resort to it.

It is known that Jhereg sorceresses can and do use Elder Sorcery.  So,
maybe one of them tried something that resulted in a release of
Amorphia when countered.

>  Also I think this
> counter-explanation would lead those who know the truth to insist
> more strongly on what they saw.

Well, perhaps.

>  Also an improbable element is often
> said to make stories seem more, not less plausible.  Finally, if as I
> claimed earlier an amorphia-wielding Easterner is a Dragaeran's worst
> nightmare, that would add traction to the truth.

Yet there is also the possibility that even if they allow that Vlad
was responsible for the amorphia, it could be counter-argued that he
had probably been using something given to him by Aliera - not
necessarily that he had an inherent ability to create the stuff on his
own.  This especially since he wasn't much of a sorcerer anyway.  How
would he gain the ability to perform Elder Sorcery on his own?

And it certainly would not follow that all (or many) Easterners have
the same ability.  Easterners have been around the Dragaeran Empire
for eons and eons; even if one shows up with this alleged ability, it
seems rather likely that it is a fluke (which it actually is), rather
than something many Easterners have.