Reasons for Easterner Primitivity

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Re: the honing of Vlad (was Re: How much does Vlad *really* knowabout 

>On Mon, 30 Jan 2006, Davdi Silverrock wrote:
>> Yet why would Marxist ideas be conveyed back however many thousands
>> and thousands of years it is supposed to be?
>I assume the cache was a normal-causality occurrence - humankind takes
>flight, settles Dragaera, builds libraries, gets stomped by the J;
>then eventually a library gets found with its physics and engineering
>texts decayed but its ancient history of economic thought texts
>miraculously preserved.  Then info about the find is sent against
>time's arrow into the past.

This touches on my original reason for bringing up High-Tech vs Sorcery... 
And why the Easterners we've seen all seem to be late medieval/early 
renaissance level of tech--and never seem to have advanced any further.

Since it seems likely to me that what happened was that the Easterners had 
high-tech, then got smacked down. Whether this was by the gods, the 
Jenoine, the Empire, or "other". (Davdi just did a great speculative 
write-up on this line of thinking on the wikicity. 

>> You mean, like some sort of temporal Cycle?  An interesting notion; I
>> wonder if it has been thought of before?
>Just referring to Nietzsche's idea of "eternal recurrence", which 
>the exact repetition of all history as the universe is born, dies, and is
>reborn; but in this case with slight variation due to some sort of magic.

All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again...


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