the honing of Vlad

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Re: the honing of Vlad

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>> >Is it not sufficient to posit that Verra couldn't make the exchange
>> >in public for political reasons, and that the Halls are generally
>> >semi-public?  Hence the value slipping S the vial off-stage 
>> There's also Kiera's comment in /Orca/ where she explains to Vlad that
>> Verra didn't really know why he needed the vial in the first place.
>Not I think relevant - V could have whapped Her forehead and said, D'oh,
>that's why I had that intuition, now I have to cut Myself again.

This assumes that she would be able to come up with the idea that a blood 
transfusion to Morrolan would work.

This possibiliy may simply not have occurred to her.

She may not be as clever as Vlad was; he's pretty creative, after all.