the honing of Vlad

Maximilian Wilson wilson.max at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 23:58:13 PST 2006

Felix wrote:

Paarfi.   By a factor of a multiplier of a power.  Paarfi, for all
> his  'claims', should be read as entertainment, not as 'history'; we
> all  know how many differences there are between what Paarfi 'states'
> and  what Vlad relates to the little silver box as being told to him
> by  various personages.  The one that pops immediately to mind is
> the  differences between where Paarfi says Morrolan is when Zerika
> descends  Deathgate Falls, and where Vlad says Morrolan says he was.

And in this case, we know that Vlad's account cannot possibly be taken at
face value, because Morrolan discusses his firsthand knowledge of the
impossibility of using sorcery there; and having been born during the
Interregnum, he cannot have had any such knowledge at the time. (Unless
you're willing to countenance the possibility that he somehow learned Elder
Sorcery out East, or came West early enough to learn it from Sethra before
heading up to the Falls.)

Max Wilson

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