Dzur - Cover art question

Davdi Silverrock davdisil at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 00:15:21 PST 2006

On 2/4/06, Sokerchick <sokerchick777 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> While we're on the subject of cover art...
> Who did the cover art for "The Book of Taltos"?

The cover art for that book is the same as the art on the original Ace
PB of /Taltos/, and the copyright page for that says that the art is
by Kinuko Craft.

>  Vlad doesn't have moustache.  I was under the assumption
>  that this was one of his distinguishing features and he grew
> it spicifically because Dragereans can't.

True, but that would require that the artist read and understand the
books very closely indeed.  Which is unlikely if it's just another

Nevertheless, I think her art is Cool:


I just don't think it's appropriate for the Vladiad.