Spoiler thread on Brokedown Palace, need to know.

Sun Feb 5 20:38:11 PST 2006

Davdi Silverrock wrote:

>On 2/5/06, Jon Lincicum <lincicum at comcast.net> wrote:
>>If Cawti even took notice of Vlad's last name, she probably just assumed
>>that he'd picked that name out for himself when his family moved to
>>Adrilankha. (Which may, indeed, be what happened. Noish-Pa might have
>>thought that was a fitting patronymic for his family when he took the
>>wife and kids and moved out west. Especially if Nosih-Pa has been living
>>under an assumed name, which I suspect may be the case.)
>>This brings up the point of Vlads baronetcy. Did it exist before Vlad's
>>father bought it? According to the conversation with Paresh in /Teckla/,
>>Vlad says it's a "real place with 2 or 3 families living there."
>>"Taltos" sure seems like an unusual name for a Dragaeran to give to a
>>region, which makes me suspect that the region was named after Vlad (or
>>rather, after his father) rather than vice versa.
>No, no.  Noish-pa's name is also Taltos, and he did not buy
>citizenship (and Vlad's dad's citizenship does not appear to extend to
>parents).  I think Vlad uses "Taltos" out of deference/respect for his
>Grandfather.  I presume the baronetcy that Vlad owns is not used as
>part of his name.  Although perhaps the baronetcy has been named
>Taltos, now that you mention it.
Well, this is a part of my point, really. Taltos was probably Vlad's 
family name long before his dad ever bought a title.

However, I seem to remember a pair of Phoenix Guards showing up at 
Vlad's place of business asking for him as the "Baronet of Taltos". (In 
/Yendi/, I believe, shortly before he gets a beating). This makes me 
think the "Taltos" Baronetcy is named after Vlad's family. (Which name 
was probably chosen by Noish-pa. Unless, of course, it happened to be 
Noish-pa's name back in Fenario. This, to me, seems unlikely, as it's 
not a very *humble* name for a Fenarian commoner to use within his own 
country. It would be kind of like someone in this country using the last 
name :"Christ".)

>Note that Vlad never refers to himself as being Count Szurke, either,
>although he has the excuse of being on the run for that.
Well, I don't seem to recall him using *any* patronymic while he's on 
the run (in /Athyra/ and /Orca/). And, of course, in /Issola/, he 
hanging out with people who already knew him well from before.