Spoiler thread on Brokedown Palace, need to know.

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Sun Feb 5 22:06:01 PST 2006

At 11:25 PM 2/5/2006, Felix Eisen wrote:
>This brings up the point of Vlads baronetcy. Did it exist before Vlad's
>father bought it? According to the conversation with Paresh in /Teckla/,
>Vlad says it's a "real place with 2 or 3 families living there."
>"Taltos" sure seems like an unusual name for a Dragaeran to give to a
>region, which makes me suspect that the region was named after Vlad (or
>rather, after his father) rather than vice versa.
>   Majikjon
>Vlad isn't the Baronet of Taltos; he's the  Baronet 
>Taltos.  'Taltos' is not a place, it's a personal name;  the current 
>Baronet of Redgrave is Sir Nicholas Hickman Ponsonby Bacon  -- who 
>would be referred to in Dragaera as Baronet Bacon, not as  Baronet 
>Redgrave.  Vlad, since he has an -actual- location --  which 
>actually gets identified at some point -- is 'Baronet of X', and  is 
>addressed as 'Baronet Lastname'.  For what it's worth, Sir  Nicholas 
>is addressed as 'Sir Nicholas Bacon, Bnt' -- a letter with  which 
>form of address I believe Vlad receives at the beginning of  Dragon....

We have very little to go on to know the nature of Dragaeran titles, 
other than the use of them varies by House (Teckla have none, Orca 
seem to equate titles to position held, for instance).  In our world, 
the only place that has baronets is the UK, where it is a kind of 
hereditary knighthood, nothing more.  In the Jhereg, it evidently is 
somewhat more like a minor peerage.

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