Spoiler thread on Brokedown Palace, need to know.

Sun Feb 5 20:49:39 PST 2006

Felix Eisen wrote:

>Vlad isn't the Baronet of Taltos; he's the  Baronet Taltos.  'Taltos' is not a place, it's a personal name;  the current Baronet of Redgrave is Sir Nicholas Hickman Ponsonby Bacon  -- who would be referred to in Dragaera as Baronet Bacon, not as  Baronet Redgrave.  Vlad, since he has an -actual- location --  which actually gets identified at some point -- is 'Baronet of X', and  is addressed as 'Baronet Lastname'.  For what it's worth, Sir  Nicholas is addressed as 'Sir Nicholas Bacon, Bnt' -- a letter with  which form of address I believe Vlad receives at the beginning of  Dragon....
>  S. Thomas Crain
>  Author-In-Training
/Yendi/, Chapter 9, page 248, (omnibus)

"Greetings my lords," I said, "How may I serve the Empire?"
The one who was looking at me said, "You are Baronet Vlad of Taltos?" He 
pronounced it "Taltoss", instead of "Taltosh", so he must have had 
written orders, for whatever that was worth.
[End Cite]

Now, this particular Phoenix Guard was obviously not familiar with the 
name, and may not have been familiar with the baronetcy that is Vlad's 
(whatever it is called), but being phrased this way does seem to imply 
that "Taltos" is the name of the place, as well as the name of the 
person. For whatever that's worth.

This may, of course, merely have been laziness/ignorance on the part of 
this particular Dragonlord.