Spoiler thread on Brokedown Palace, need to know.

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Re: Spoiler thread on Brokedown Palace, need to know.

>"Taltos" means... well, see "Taltos (legend)" in the Wikipedia.  So
>since it can also mean "priest-magician", or "shaman", while calling
>oneself that is a bit self-inflating, it's nowhere near as incredibly
>important as Christ is to Christians.  And since Noish-pa is indeed a
>skilled witch, perhaps he called himself that as an honest
>self-appraisal.  Truth in advertising, as it were.  Heh.

One of my notions that has been building steam in my own mind is that 
Noish-pa is actually Ambrus the Fat from Fenario.

(See http://dragaera.wikicities.com/wiki/Speculation:Ambrus_the_Fat for 
justifications of this) 

This could have put him in a unique position to have witnessed the events 
of /Brokedown Palace/ (Who notices a servant lurking in the background of 
important events?). Therefore; perhaps Noish-pa (not Cawti) is the actual 
narrator of BP? Or maybe he collaborated with Cawti? Or just gave her 
background information as she was writing it by herself? 

The one knock against the "Noish-pa-as-exclusive-author-of-BP" theory is 
that he probably wouldn't characterize the Demon Goddess the way it is 
shown in the book. Of course, the fact that she is *always* called the 
"Demon Goddess" in BP, and never by name is something that is very much 
something Noish-pa *would* do. (Of course, other Fenarians are probably 
the same way when referring to Her.)

Another thought that occurs--perhaps it was the banishment of the Demon 
Goddess that prompted Noish-pa to leave Fenario in the first place? 
This idea even seems fairly likely, given Noish-pa's reverence for Verra.