Favorite Vlad Quip...

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Favorite Vlad Quip...

>  So I must say that one of the best parts of reading the Taltos series 
is the dry humor and amazing wit.  With that said I was wondering if 
>anyone had a favorite quip from any of the books.
Oh yeah, one more of my absolute favorites, this one from /Orca/:

(Vlad telling Kiera about his investigation into the Fyres conspiracy)

"I'll just work my way through these special Guardsmen, find out who their 
boss is, kill him, take his position, use that to get close to the 
Empress, kill her, take the Orb, and rule Dragaera myself, exploiting the 
Empire ruthlessly in order to enrich myself and punish those who have 
offended me throughout my life, in preparation for conquering the East and 
eventually making myself ruler of the entire world." He paused from 
whipping the eggs, looked at me, and nodded somberly. "*Then* I'd meet 
some girls, I'll bet."


I love that one.