Sethra as a created being

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>I've been re-reading the Vladiad in chronological order, which I must
>say is an interesting experience.
>I just noticed a line in Issola where Sethra says something to the
>effect of: "This is the kind of threat the Lavodes would have been
>called in to deal with.  It's the reason we were created, after all."
>I find the phrasing interesting.  She doesn't say it's the reason the
>Corps was created, but the reason the Lavodes were created.  It makes
>me imagine Sethra and the original Lavodes (if there were others)
>being created for the purpose, as opposed to having been born/whatever
>normally and then joining the Corps.
>Am I over-analyzing?
Probably. But that doesn't necessarily mean the notion is wrong.

This raises the question of who was it that did the creating, however.

I've seen it suggested that it could have been the Jenoine. Or maybe 
Sethra "created" herself? (Or, perhaps more accurately, the powers of Dzur 
Mountain created her?) 

Or suppose it was Tukko who did the creating, using the powers of Dzur 
Mountain? If Sethra did indeed "emerge from the rock of Dzur Mountain", 
she could in fact be "older" than Tukko (as she states elsewhere in 
/Issola/) and still be the product of his actions. 

This could also do much to explain the enigmatic relationship the two of 
them seem to share. (At least, if we are to believe Paarfi's take on it.)