Tue Feb 14 11:47:52 PST 2006

Joy Jennifer Nicholson wrote:

>I just noticed a line in Issola where Sethra says something to the
>effect of: "This is the kind of threat the Lavodes would have been
>called in to deal with.  It's the reason we were created, after all."
>I find the phrasing interesting.  She doesn't say it's the reason the
>Corps was created, but the reason the Lavodes were created.  It makes
>me imagine Sethra and the original Lavodes (if there were others)
>being created for the purpose, as opposed to having been born/whatever
>normally and then joining the Corps.
>Am I over-analyzing?

I don't take that to mean that the individuals themselves were created 
for that purpose, but that the Lavode organization, so to speak, was 
created for that purpose.  "We" in this sense means the organization to 
which the individual belongs.

I've tried a cut-and-paste chronological re-reading of the Vladiad 
before, skipping from one book to the other as you pick up flahsbacks 
and put them down, but I got tired of it after a while.  I decided that 
the published order was good enough for me & that SZB really truly knew 
what he was doing after all  ;-)