Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Tue Feb 14 11:51:31 PST 2006

Joy Jennifer Nicholson wrote:

>I've been re-reading the Vladiad in chronological order, which I must
>say is an interesting experience.
>I just noticed a line in Issola where Sethra says something to the
>effect of: "This is the kind of threat the Lavodes would have been
>called in to deal with.  It's the reason we were created, after all."
>I find the phrasing interesting.  She doesn't say it's the reason the
>Corps was created, but the reason the Lavodes were created.  It makes
>me imagine Sethra and the original Lavodes (if there were others)
>being created for the purpose, as opposed to having been born/whatever
>normally and then joining the Corps.
>Am I over-analyzing?
Yes.    Her language is how we speak.   Check any sports fan - or any 
other kind of fanatic.