Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

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Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

>From our point of view as readers of the Vladiad, we can instead come up
>with a different speculation - Namely, that Sethra literally has no 
>and is one of the original "test subjects" created by the Jenoine. She's 
>"mixed blood" (her device correlates to her physical description, being
>described has having both Dzur and Dragon features) because she was 
>in a test tube long before Kieron and Zerika formed the Empire and the
>Houses began practicing their various forms of genetic in-breeding.
>Note that this isn't a new speculation by any means. It's just that this
>passage in _Five Hundred Years After_ is the first textev I've noticed on
>the subject.

I wonder how the whole concept of her being a "Jenoine Test-Subject" (neat 
as this idea is) jives with her (admittedly vague) statement about "
becoming once more a part of the rock of Dzur Mountain".

It's entirely possible she was just toying with Vlad when she said this, 
of course.

Or perhaps the Jenoine were playing around with animating inert matter? 

Could this be the source of Dzur Mountain's mysterious powers? Certainly, 
Dzur Mountain has Sethra's "mechanisms for defending against the Jenoine", 
and we know that parts of the Mountain were constructed, somehow. There's 
also that "knick-knack" that Vlad noticed on her coffee-table (or should 
that be "Klava-table? ;-) ) that reminds him of the devices that the 
Jenoine have in their "place".

It's conceivable that Dzur Mountain is, in fact, the old Jenoine