Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

Tue Feb 14 14:09:57 PST 2006

> I wonder how the whole concept of her being a "Jenoine 
> Test-Subject" (neat 
> as this idea is) jives with her (admittedly vague) statement about "
> becoming once more a part of the rock of Dzur Mountain".
> It's entirely possible she was just toying with Vlad when she 
> said this, 
> of course.

While we have no idea what this refers to (yet) I tend to see this as being
related to Sethra's death rather than her birth. If I was to speculate, it
would be that at some point she laid down her commission, literally, and her
body, in the manner of impossibly aged enchantresses, simply turned to stone
when it was deprived of its soul.

Too bad for her that the Gods refused her resignation.