Joy Jennifer Nicholson jjnichol at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 15 08:39:34 PST 2006

What I was looking for, and found to some extent, was the development
of Vlad's status in the world, mostly watching his relationship with
Morrollan et al and also watching his growth in the ogranization. 

I especially liked reading Dragon immediately after Taltos - it's Vlad
and M's second meeting, really, and the beginning of the evolution of
the relationship from a job to a friendship.

I was also impressed when reading Jhereg and seeing how much it
alluded to the just-previous-chronologically events of Yendi, which
obviously hadn't been written yet.  How much of Yendi had Steve
already plotted out when he wrote Jhereg?  Did he plan/expect Jhereg
to turn into a series, or was he expecting it to be a singleton book?
Did the plot of Yendi, which flows natually from my perspective, have
to be manipulated to be consistent with what had already been said in

There are a number of books where a earlier-written book references an
event in an earlier-chronologically book, and sometimes I've had to
take those referenes with a few grains of salt, but I couldn't find
any complaints on the Jhereg-Yendi links. 

Now that I've finished up through Klava with Honey, it's on to the
Khaavren romances for me.....

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> <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>I've been re-reading the Vladiad in
> chronological order, which I must<br>
> say is an interesting experience.</blockquote><br>
> I did that recently myself.&nbsp; I have to say that it's really not as
> good an experience as reading them in publication order.&nbsp; Reading
> them in publication order gives a much better narrative flow, and you
> watch Steve get better and better as a writer rather than jumping back
> and forth between better and (sorry Steve) less well written books.&nbsp;
> This is even more true if you include the Khaavren books as well as the
> Vlad ones (which one should for completeness sake); it was quite jarring
> to go from Sethra Lavode to Taltos (or Brokedown Palace).<br><br>
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> <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Am I
> over-analyzing?</blockquote><br>
> On <i>this </i>list?&nbsp; No such thing.<br><br>
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