Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

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Re: Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

>I guess being mother to the reborn brother of Kieron, the founder of 
>the Jhereg, now wielder of a Great Weapon, with whom she fights side 
>by side to defeat the Jenoine would not have had a great deal of 
>interest for her, eh?

Kieron's brother? So what? Who was Kieron? She's Sethra Lavode. She knew 
Kieron and his family personally. Kieron probably annoyed her. 

Weilder of a Great Weapon? So what? She's got one of her own (at least), 
and she hands them out to visitors like Halloween candy.

Fighting the Jenoine? Yeah, Vlad's useful in that regard. But is this 
enough to make you want to be someone's mother?

And, of course, all of this presumes that Sethra can see into the future 
to know these things will happen.

Maybe Devera told her. ;-)