Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

Kenneth Gorelick pulmon at mac.com
Wed Feb 15 10:12:17 PST 2006

On Feb 15, 2006, at 11:28 AM, Peter H. Granzeau wrote:

> At 10:07 PM 2/14/2006, Kenneth Gorelick wrote:
>> On Feb 14, 2006, at 6:53 PM, Scott Schultz wrote:
>>>> Until Vlad, you mean...
>>> Vlad as Sethra's offspring? I'd be interested in hearing where that
>>> theory comes from, especially given that Sethra would have been  
>>> (un)dead
>>> at the time that Vlad was conceived.
>>> In any case, he doesn't show on her lineage block. ;-)
>> But think how much that explains about Vlad's father...the interest
>> of Sethra and her alter ego...and what does being undead have to do
>> with getting pregnant? The undead can't foster life? Do they have
>> intestinal flora? I have never heard any compelling evidence that an
>> undead vampire cannot conceive and bear a child.
> I know nothing, NOZ-ZINK! about Dragaeran reproductive biology, but  
> it strikes me that her death may have ended Sethra's reproductive  
> usefulness--it seems to work that way, normally, at least.  And  
> there's always the situation of different species and hybridization  
> (Vlad, it appears, is not sterile).

Oh yeah? How about the famous joke that ends, "she's not dead,  
she's ,,," (insert your favorite ethnic group best characterized by  
being lifeless in bed)