Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

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> Re: Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)
>> I guess being mother to the reborn brother of Kieron, the founder of
>> the Jhereg, now wielder of a Great Weapon, with whom she fights side
>> by side to defeat the Jenoine would not have had a great deal of
>> interest for her, eh?
> Kieron's brother? So what? Who was Kieron? She's Sethra Lavode. She  
> knew
> Kieron and his family personally. Kieron probably annoyed her.
> Weilder of a Great Weapon? So what? She's got one of her own (at  
> least),
> and she hands them out to visitors like Halloween candy.
> Fighting the Jenoine? Yeah, Vlad's useful in that regard. But is this
> enough to make you want to be someone's mother?
> And, of course, all of this presumes that Sethra can see into the  
> future
> to know these things will happen.
> Maybe Devera told her. ;-)

Maybe Vlad's Dad was something of a coxman, with eastern tricks she  
was eager to experience...