Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Was RE: TEST)

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> Re: Speculations about Sethra and the Lavodes (Issola Spoilers)
>> Gee, how anthropocentric of you! I have not yet heard that Dragaerans
>> menstruate, much less pause.  I could hypothesize a voluntary estrus,
>> induced by sorcery (at least since the interregnum ended), for the
>> sole purpose of conception in contrast to purely recreational sex
>> which could take place anywhen.
> Well, since Dragaerans are based on human stock, mixed with animal  
> genes,
> (according to Sethra in /Issola/), it is logical to conclude that  
> their
> basic biological functions are the same as ours.
> I have seen no compelling evidence to the contrary, in any event.
> Certainly, we don't have solid answers about most of this, but I  
> would say
> that if there were dramatic differences, (like Dragaerans  
> reproduced via
> asexual mitosis or something) then their culture would be radically
> different, (and would likely not include prostitutes).

I dunno. The concept of prostitution in a mitotic culture is  
fascinating! On the other hand, our close cousins the monkeys have  
estrus cycles, so why not genetically modified humans? Maybe each  
House has unique aspects to its reproductive patterns that derive  
from their totemic animal. That would make inter-House bastardy even  
more heinous than otherwise. Plus, think about the matings of Dragons  
or Dzur, compared with Tsalmoth or Teckla!  This could give Steve a  
whole new sideline of stories!