Jenoine and Gods

Wed Feb 15 20:09:40 PST 2006

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006, Claire Rojstaczer wrote:

> Morrolan and Aliera looked at me, then at each other.  Morrolan cleared
> his throat and said, 'It varies.  Some are actually Jenoine who
> survived the creation of the Great Sea of Chaos.  Others are servants
> of theirs who manage to adapt when it occured.'"
> How can we mesh this with Sethra's version of events?
> Issola, 35:
> "The gods are beings who are able to manifest in at least two places at
> once. . . . The Jenoine, for all their talents and skills, cannot be in
> two places at once."
> and Issola, 37:
> ". . .it is clear that it was Verra, and a few others, who sabotaged
> [the Jenoine's] work, who created the Great Sea of Amorphia, who
> unleashed upon the world that which we call sorcery, who themselves
> became the first of those we know as gods, and who destroyed all of the
> Jenoine who then lived on this world."
> The obvious answer is that Morrolan's mistaken, but can anyone come up
> with a cleverer reading?

Nice catch - I certainly hadn't noted the above.

Conceivably "a few others" might be renegade Jenoine who helped Verra.

The "for all their talents" bit might mean, "The J haven't figured out how
to be in two places at once" [which I'm going to christen "duplocate" if
no one else has] or haven't achieved (or aren't able naturally to achieve)
the ability (which might be associated with amorphia and thus associated
with Dragaera only).

Also note that along with M being wrong, Vlad could be reporting
incorrectly.  He was under a bit of stress at the time.