possible Tukko sighting (orca spoiler)

Hans Schweitzer hans117 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 22:29:03 PST 2006

I was rereading Yendi and I found Temek reporting the following
  "this old Teckla comes up to me, some guy I'd never seen before, right?  And he says, 'Tell your boss that Kiera has something for him.  She'll meet him in the back room of the Blue Flame in one hour.  Tell him that.'  He got up and walked out.  I followed him, not ten steps behind, but he was gone when I stepped outside."
  I thought that it might be Tukko, but I don't really have very good evidence other then that the Teckla was old and working for Kiera.  The fact that Temek lost sight of him quickly is slightly suspicious too considering Temek was chosen to look into Laris's operations so he should be pretty good at this sort of thing.  Just an idea that struck me as cool.

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