possible Tukko sighting (orca spoiler)

Joy Jennifer Nicholson jjnichol at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 16 12:56:47 PST 2006

> Jay Smith wrote:
> >Another point against: If Sethra is being so bloody careful to protect her
> >alter ego, why send someone closely associated with her personally to
> >deliver a message from her Alter Ego? Seems like a needless risk.
> >
> >
> >
> >On the other hand, how many people in the empire could identify Sethra
> >Lavode upon seeing her.  
> >
> A lot.  She does command armies.

But the common soldier may have never seen her or, at most, seen her
at a distance.  There's no mention of her ever being seen on the
battlefield and IIRC Vlad's messmates have never actually seen her.

So, if only a few Dragon Generals have seen her, I'd guess that even
fewer have seen Tukko, and none of them are likely to be in the alleys
of Vlad's territory.