Jenoine and Gods

Thu Feb 16 15:17:37 PST 2006

> Yes, I am referring to the Necromancer.  We have not seen her be in
> multiple locations at once, but Sethra has told us she can.  More
> specificly, Sethra has said the the defining difference between a god
> and a demon is that a demon can be compelled while a god cannot - and
> by this definition, the Necromancer is a demon.  Hence the Necromancer
> can do polylocation (my neologism of the day).

It'd be interesting to see the logic equation that illustrates this
thinking. I was going to argue with it, but on re-reading the passage in
question, I think Steve has the right of it. Sethra does seem to be saying
that gods and demons are identical excepting that demons can be controlled.
She punctuates the point by stating, regarding polylocation, "I don't
understand entirely how it works; I am neither god nor demon." which again
draws a connection between both types of beings having the ability to engage
in polylocation.