Jenoine and Gods

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> > <SNIP comments on the Necromancer>
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> > That's it.  IMHO it makes my point.  The Necromancer can polylocate
> > (I'm getting to like that word) but isn't a god because she can be
> > coerced.
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> All this discussion about the Necromancer is making me wish I remembered
> better what we were told about her origins in Sethra Lavode.  Unfortunately,
> I don't have a copy handy.  Anyone want to quote the relevant bits to me?

Not in /Sethra Lavode/, I think.

/The Paths of the Dead/, Page 184

[Begin Cite]

    "A demon," said Trout.
    All of those assembled looked at him. After a moment, Barlen said,
"How, a demon?"
    "Yes," said Trout. "One sensitive enough to know when the Others
may attempt to gain entry, skilled enough to aid Sethra in preventing
that entry, and, moreover, a demon whose presence will not alert
    After a moment, Nyssa said, "I know one."
    "That doesn't astonish me," said Verra.
    "Who?" said Barlen.
    "She comes from the World of Seven Doors," said Nyssa, "and she
knows six of them."
    "How, six?" said Verra, appearing astonished for the first time.
    "And she is not entirely unacquainted with the seventh."
    "But, how is it we have never heard of her?"
    "She is without ambition"
    Moranthë said, "How could one without ambition have learned six of
the doors?"
    "She is well supplied with curiosity."
    "And no little skill, it seems," added Kéurána.
    "That is true," said Nyssa.

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