Jenoine and Gods

Fri Feb 17 21:59:16 PST 2006

Both gods and demons can be in multiple (read as: two or more) places  at the same time.  Demons can be coerced/forced, I suspect via  sorcery, necromancy, or whatever the Dragaeran version of demonology  would be; gods, simply, cannot.  Jenoine cannot be coerced/forced,  but they cannot be in multiple places at the same time.
  The Necromancer is a demon; she can (and probably is) in multiple  places at the same time.  Verra is a god; she can (and probably  always is) in multiple places at the same time.  (IMO, that's how  she does the 'different people hear different things when she speaks'  thing.  After all, why seek a more complicated answer when one is  staring you in the face?)  Sethra is neither demon nor god, though  she -has- been offered godhood; I suspect that she'd contemplated  studying polylocation previously, and the gods got wind of it and  offered her a position -- but she decided that frankly she'd be bored  off her ass sorting goddamn -souls- for a living like some Serioli  panning for gold ...
  Anyhow.  I don't see what the problem is.  Gods, demons,  Jenoine, Sethra Lavode.  I have to admit, I -do- like the idea  that Sethra was a non-mainline experiment of the Jenoine involving Dzur  Mountain -- probably something to do with power collection and storage,  the 'key' to it being eventually bound into a Great Weapon called  Iceflame ...
  S. Thomas Crain
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