Dragaera World Summit IS ANYONE GOING???? Steve Brust GOH

FRIEDA2133 at aol.com FRIEDA2133 at aol.com
Tue Feb 21 20:34:41 PST 2006

RION WANTS A R.S.V.P from anyone who is going to the Dragaera World

Dragaera World Summit
Opus Fantasy Arts Festival (aka Opusfest)
19-21 May 2006 - Denver, CO. 
Author GoH: Steven Brust.

GoH means Guest of Honor.

>I would think with all that that we will have put together a track that
>gives fans of Steve's imagination more than they could hope for.  But
>several of these things will only work if we have sufficient participation,
>so I need to know B) how many of you are interested in coming, and B) if
>there is anything more any of you would like to see Dragaera wise at the