Wed Feb 22 06:47:08 PST 2006

> I've been 'idly' re-reading my Vladiad -- you know, I really despise  that
term, but I can't come up with a better one -- and, in Teckla, I  came
across another reference as Vlad being the Baronet of Taltos ...  but then,
Kelly calls Noish-Pa 'Taltos', so perhaps the Baronetcy was  renamed?
>   Anyhow, not really what I wanted to come out with, here.  Strange
things making connections in my head, though -- have parallels ever  been
drawn between the sequence of events through Teckla and Phoenix to  the
abortive student revolt of 1832, portrayed in 'Les  Miserables'?
Admittedly, Kelly's organization actually manages to  make it a bit further,
as it were, but still ...
> ---------------------------------
The Vladology?

The thing is, given the Author's extensive study of politics and history, it
could be based on several different revolutionary attempts. Although Vlad is
pretty miserable throughout that book.

-tends to be more evolutionary than revolutionary