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RE: Teckla/Phoenix

>> I would say Javert is more of a Tsalmoth, or an Iorich.
>> He pursues Valjean with a tenacity that would make a Tsalmoth proud.
>> And his dedication to "justice" over any other consideration is the 
>> essence of an Iorich mentality.
>Y'know, I thought of both of those, for much the same reasons. For the 
>of me, though, I can't figure out WHY I think of a Tsalmoth as 
>The Iorich would certainly fit, but every time we've seen reference to an
>Iorich it's a reference to something that amounts to a judge or a lawyer.
>I'm not aware of any examples of an Iorich investigator. Iorich seem to 
>all about interpretation and application of the law. Investigation may 
>be their forte, neccesarily. Khaavren himself is an able investigator; he
>doesn't ring for an Iorich detective to solve his problems. 

Well, frankly, Javert wasn't much of an investigator, either.

How many years did he chase after Valjean, unsuccessfully? Many times, 
with Valjean right under his nose.