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Wed Feb 22 11:17:55 PST 2006

On 2/22/06, Scott Schultz <scott at cjhunter.com> wrote:

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> > He pursues Valjean with a tenacity that would make a Tsalmoth proud.
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> Y'know, I thought of both of those, for much the same reasons. For the life
> of me, though, I can't figure out WHY I think of a Tsalmoth as "tenacious".

"Maintains though none knows how" - wouldn't that imply preserverance,
and thus persistance, and so on?

I've had a vague noir fan-ficcy notion involving a world-weary
Tsalmoth private investigator, with a line that runs something like
the following:

"She was an X.  An X to make a Lyorn set his lineage block on fire."

I'm not sure if X should be "Easterner", or one the Dragaeran Houses
(other than Lyorn, of course).  It's still a pretty vague notion at
this point.  And I don't usually fanfic anyway.