The use of italics

Wed Feb 22 18:24:21 PST 2006

Mini-rant time!

I recently reread a book in David Eddings' Belgariad, a favorite of mine two
or three years ago, and I couldn't believe the difference between now and

I noticed for the first time Eddings tends to italicize words quite often!
In fact, if you managed to go through two pages without an italic its a
miracle, and he loves to use multiple seperated italicized words, such as:
"I got up in the morning and said hello to my cactus." Although to be fair,
he does have a telepathic communication using italics, much like our
esteemed author, and I didn't count it. It made the books unreadable.

My point:

Why do authors overuse such things? Does Steve overuse something and I have
not noticed it, making me a hypocrite?
Or have I finally bungee jumped off the cliffs into the abyss of insanity
without a cord?