Brust E-Books

Mon Feb 27 07:16:22 PST 2006

For those who haven't heard, TOR is having a pilot project with Baen
to do Webscriptions.  At least some of Steve's books (including Dzur!)
are included!

Per http://bar.baen.com/WB/default.asp?action=9&read=77561&fid=72

August 2006 Tor Webscription titles
(first half ships in May, third quarter in June, fourth quarter in July)

=Dzur= by Steven Brust
=Druid's Sword= by Sara Douglass
=Rifkind's Challenge= by Lynn Abbey
=Lord of the Isles= by David Drake
=Mindscan= by Robert J. Sawyer

Available in their entirety, starting May 2006:

=Dragon= by Steven Brust
=Issola= by Steven Brust
=Darkwitch Rising= by Sara Douglass
=God's Concubine= by Sara Douglass
=Hades' Daughter= by Sara Douglass

For those who are not familiar with Webscriptions, their FAQ is at

Baen Webscriptions have a buy one month, give one month free policy -
it is unknown at this time whether or not TOR Webscriptions will have
the same policy.

Scott Raun
sraun at fireopal.org