The use of italics

Thu Feb 23 00:08:57 PST 2006

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Maximilian Wilson wrote:

> Eddings isn't a very skilled writer. Fun, but not skilled. Overusing
> adverbs, italics, and emoticons :) is one hallmark of the unskilled
> writer. Just ask Strunk & White.

Rilke's poetry has a fair amount (i.e., > 0) of added emphasis - when
he wants to lean on a word he writes it t h u s l y.  No doubt this
is a question of the prevailing stylistic standards as well as one of

As to the original question - I haven't noticed any tics of SKZB,
in style or plot or characterization.  It's one of his signal
strengths in my view, and I'd guess in part an explicit goal.