Dragaerans and learning (was re: the honing of Vlad)

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Re: Dragaerans and learning (was re: the honing of Vlad)

>be competent might not be a good idea?  Or just an example of how even
>very intelligent people can overlook stuff until it bites them,
>especially if it makes a good story?

And especially when they get set in their ways.

If Sethra has been defending Dragaera against attack by the Jenoine for 
230,000 years, she probably identified very early on that the Greater Sea 
might be a target, but that the Orb protected it somehow, so she didn't 
need to worry about it.

Then, when Adron's Disaster happens, a scant 450 years ago, she doesn't 
stop to consider that this new source of amorphia is something that needs 
protecting. After all, protecting an amorphia source isn't something she's 
had to really consider since the founding of the Empire. Mayhap she's just 
not in the habit?

Plus, she was far more concerned about protecting everything else, since 
the Orb had gone away, and she knew that if the Jenoine came back in force 
during the Interregnum, they were all in big trouble.