Dragaerans and learning (was re: the honing of Vlad)

Kenneth Gorelick pulmon at mac.com
Mon Feb 27 16:41:41 PST 2006

> So, to relate to the subject line - are even very successful and
> competent Dragaerans rather slow to relate their existing knowledge  
> base
> to new information, or notice that the context of their life has
> changed? (although I don't remember any textevd suggesting they're not
> as creative as Easterners, although I suppose you could _maybe_ argue
> that Verra trying to keep Easterners static despite her nature of
> arbitrary just-do-it-ness could be a hint that Dragaerans aren't very
> good at handling change the first time they encounter it).   SKZB
> hinting that relying on the Powers-That-Be (ie, Lords of Judgement) to
> be competent might not be a good idea?  Or just an example of how even
> very intelligent people can overlook stuff until it bites them,
> especially if it makes a good story?
> Karen

Maybe there is something about having reptilian DNA spliced into  
their genes...