Dragaeran emperors, revisited

Mon Mar 13 20:38:51 PST 2006

Philip Hart <philiph at slac.stanford.edu> wrote:    > Wherever Paarfi got his information, it's all second-hand.

Matter of opinion.
  Err,  no.  It's NOT a matter of opinion; it is, at the very least, fact.   Unless you're prepared to propose that Paarfi himself was witness to  everything he's writing about, by definition all of his information is,  at -best-, secondhand.
   I honestly can't see why so many  listees continue to desire to claim that Paarfi's a honest historical  fiction writer; he isn't.  He -says- he isn't.  When someone asks him,  to his face, what his answer is to accusations that he's talking out  his posterior, he plays to the crowd and says that he's 'above all  that' or some godforsaken thing; not having the text, I can't quote it  the way some would like, but it's at the end of FHYA, and might well be  the only straight-up factual part of Paarfi's books.
    Paarfi's found a way to sell books, and make money.  SKZB  -deliberately- based Paarfi on Dumas -- and, just as deliberately, on  Dumas's way of taking historical events and either injecting his own  characters into them in such a way as to make them near seamless, or  taking individuals so minor as to be nearly nameless and telling 'their  story' -- note the quotes -- in a completely unverifiable manner.
    All the characters in Paarfi's later works are still around; you can  still encounter the Viscount of Adrilankha, the Brigadier of the  Phoenix Guards, the Lord of Castle Black, and -- heaven help you -- the  Enchantress of Dzur Mountain.  I expect people just don't think it  -wise- to go up to any of them and say, 'hey, I was reading Paarfi the  other day, and I was wondering ...'
    Do that to Aliera, and you'll probably be meeting her for a duel  tomorrow   morning.  It might even be better to insult her about the  way she walks...
    I read Paarfi for my entertainment, not for my 'historical accuracy'.   If I want to know a fact, I look in Vlad's works first.
    I also imagine that 4913 years of a reign would require more than one emperor.  Or two or three, maybe.
    S. Thomas Crain
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