Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Tue Mar 14 04:50:00 PST 2006

S. Hall wrote:

>Also, I tend to think of the Orb as an enigma of protocol. It's supposed to 
>protect the Emperor in cases of danger, but who's to say it didn't let 
>itself be "nullified" by the Elder Sorcery so the Empeoror would be killed. 
>If the Orb can be said to have loyalties, it's got to be to the Empire first 
>and foremost, because without one, the other doesn't exist (well they exist, 
>but it's used as a defense against the Jenione, so yeah, work with me here). 
I don't think we know what primary loyalty the orb has.   Maybe it's too 
the cycle.  Maybe it's to the gods.  It does seem likely that it will 
put the empire over the emperor - but we don't know this either.

If it comes up, Steve will use it for whatever makes the better story.