Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited AND Adron's motives

Tue Mar 14 14:57:50 PST 2006

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Scott Schultz wrote:

> >People on the list will remember other cracks if they recall them; it's my
> >sense that the story doesn't hang together well, but I could be biased.
> >Even by the Paarfi-as-Dumas view, _FHYA_ couldn't be as wrong as the
> >Aliera-related-to-Vlad version.
> Paarfi has the Orb moving to Adron of its own volition even though, as
> Paarfi himself later tells us, the Cycle has not turned.

Again, Orb-Emperor != Cycle-Emperor as far as we know.

> I can't imagine anything Aliera could say that could be more wrong than
> that...

Aliera, Ms I'm still floating at 500?  Can't even remember that
revivification is a New Orb effect (confirmed in _Issola_ I think)?

> You might as well just say that Paarfi is the real
> authority and that others are unreliable or even liars,

Ding ding ding, except I think I said precisely that above.

> despite being witnesses to the actual events of the time

Says who?  And impartial ones?

> The real question is "Why would Aliera lie?" To impress Vlad? I hardly think
> so. She's plenty proud enough of her heritage without having to dress it up
> for a Jhereg/Easterner. Whatever Aliera thought of Adron's plans, she was
> never ashamed of him or his actions.

Begging the question every which way.

> I'm not sure how Paarfi could be considered anything like authoritative,
> particularly in comparison to Adron's own daughter.

See too many posts in the archives presenting the "authoritative Paarfi"