The Map of Dragaera, Release 2 Status Report (was Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited AND Adron's motives)

Tue Mar 14 18:38:18 PST 2006

> > Having been Named, I feel obligated to respond in some fashion.
> Such as a status report for those of us with poor memories?

Well, I was hoping that would count as "responding in some fashion," but I
can provide a status report, as well.

The next version of the map is fermenting at the moment while I deal with a
recurring case of ncaatourneyitis.

Part of what has delayed the next release is that I am determined to
document in detail why I've made each decision along the way, and doing so
has demanded far more rigor in the actual act of mapmaking than I expected.
For example, in version 0.1, I felt I could get away with "it feels like
so-and-so would be about right here", but this time around, I think I should
explain myself.  Then again, documenting has allowed me to speculate more
than I did in version .1 for this very reason.

The next version will be more comprehensive than the last; not only has
"Sethra Lavode" been released since then, Steve has been gracious enough
answer a few questions I had about the geography of Dragaera, and even gone
so far as to provide details not contained in any of his published works
(including the area north of Deathgate Falls and between Adrilankha and
Hartre, just to name a couple).  Of course, I still feel like I'm trying to
reproduce the Sistine Chapel based on a jar full of paint flecks collected
from its floor, but at least the jar is bigger this time around.

I expect to recover fully from this most recent fastbreak--I mean,
outbreak--sometime around April 3rd, after which I intend to wrap up and
release the next version shortly thereafter.