Multiple emporers in a reign, revisited

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>> > We should consider a point about the end of _FHYA_ I was
>> > neglecting: the deal to cover Tortaalik's abdication did not
>> > envisage a substitute Phoenix.  As best I recall, there was no
>> > particular need for a Dragon emperor at the time, just a competent
>> > one.  Yet the options discussed by Aerich and Adron do not include
>> > setting a reasonable Phoenix on the throne.
>> Remember that this deal was written by Adron
>Was it?  I figured Sethra was in on it.

I think this is the point where she offers her services to 
Tortaalik.  (I'm probably due for a reread of this book.)

>> who was Willing To Bet His Life that the Cycle had already turned.
>But surely Sethra wasn't interested in seeing a war over this.
>Adron wasn't interested in seeing a war - he (says he) wanted the
>Empire to be goverened in a strong coherent way.  If another
>Phoenix was an option, we would likely at least some small
>mention of the possibility of avoiding what people could
>already sense was likely to be an epochal conflict. The deal
>in particular was an affront on its face - a more palatable would
>likely have been considered.  If by Aerich if no one else.

Is this the scene where Aerich calls the message "a calculated

>> He did not believe that another Phoenix would improve matters any.
>Is there any reason but a view of him as entirely overtaken
>by ambition to think that?

It wasn't ambition (he's offering to abdicate after all).  He felt
that the current situation was *proof* the Cycle had turned.  

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